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BV-Tech 6 Port PoE+ Switch

If you have an office with POE-powered VOIP phones, this switch is the ideal one to split existing ethernet lines, and provide power to the phone. With one high-powered POE port (ideal for more power-hungry phones), 3 regular POE ports, and two ethernet uplink ports, it checks off everything you need. (It’s unfortunately that, […]


Canon MF-750x series Laserprinters

After Hewlett-Packard’s hp laser printers have become a pain to use (their support for MacOS has basically vanished, and they defiantly force the use of authentic hp toners and consumables, to the point of their print being unusable), I have turned to, and switched to, Canon Color Laserprinters. My current recommendation is the Canon MF753Cdw, […]


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Welcome to ZinkDifferent, Harry’s blog of thoughts, suggestions, solutions, an recommended products. Especially Amazon Associates links to products that I have found to be useful, better, worth buying (or, alternatively, rants about products or vendors that are the exact opposite).